December 7, 2022

We sat down with Wizards of Nos to separate the reality from the myths in the case of utilizing nitrous oxide in your automobile as we reply a number of the most typical questions surrounding Nos.

Information from Quick Automotive. Phrases: Simon Properties. Images: Chris Wallbank.

Can I exploit nitrous oxide with a turbo?

Nitrous is ideal for turbo functions and never simply because it massively cools consumption temperatures earlier than it even enters the engine. As nitrous permits extra oxygen to be burnt within the cylinders extra rapidly, the standard and amount of exhaust gases leaving the engine will increase, which works wonders. On massive turbo vehicles it helps them spool extra rapidly and might act as an anti-lag system, on smaller turbo vehicles it helps them proceed to make increase the place they might usually run out of puff. Because of this, utilizing nitrous on turbo vehicles will all the time see a major achieve, greater than the injector measurement might recommend. Actually, it may be as a lot as double; a 25bhp shot may give as much as 50bhp. Nonetheless, it’s not all good. If the wastegate can’t eliminate the surplus exhaust fuel in time then issues come up, and in addition utilizing nitrous can typically confuse AFR gauges giving unsuitable readings. Lastly, it’s straightforward to get carried away as an excessive amount of too rapidly causes an aggressive flame pace which is able to in the end finish in tears.

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How do I work out what measurement injectors to make use of with nitrous oxide?

Begin small and work your approach up is the overall rule of thumb – however then it is dependent upon the sort and spec of engine, too.

There isn’t any given rule to say what you may or can’t have. As a really normal information the utmost you may add is half the horsepower of the usual engine, however beware, there are exceptions both approach. A safer rule to stay to is round a 50bhp straight shot or 100bhp on a progressive controller, which feeds within the nitrous extra slowly and on the proper occasions permitting you to make use of extra. With a stronger engine you can see they received’t blow up, they simply cease making energy — you’ll wrestle to interrupt an engine utilizing nitrous with out main tell-tale indicators first, like melted plugs.

Nitrous and the regulation

The legality of nitrous has all the time been a priority for customers. WON state that there’s presently no regulation that states gas components and oxidisers can’t be used, which is what nitrous oxide is (there’s a regulation banning rocket gas although!). So long as the insurance coverage firm has been knowledgeable then it’s authorized to make use of. You don’t want a compressed fuel warning sticker on the automobile both, solely business automobiles do. WON would advocate you do although, in case the worst ever occurred. The place chances are you’ll wrestle is discovering an insurance coverage firm who’re glad to cowl your automobile with a system fitted (strive specialists similar to Adrian Flux, Brentacre, Greenlight, or Want To Insure). Be sure to will proceed to be lined earlier than you match a package.

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Nitrous Oxide myths

How straightforward is nitrous to put in?

There actually isn’t that a lot to putting in a package and WON suggests anybody who has a good grasp of mechanics can match a system. Mounting the bottle and solenoids along with working the traces is easy stuff, as is the essential wiring required for the electrics. Becoming a micro-switch as a set off may be difficult on some vehicles however you may make life simpler for your self by becoming a WON throttle place unit as a substitute. Putting in the jets into the inlet manifold and tapping into the gas traces is barely extra involving, however actually nothing arduous. There’s now a wealth of knowledge obtainable making it as straightforward as ever to achieve recommendation when you do get caught.

What are some great benefits of utilizing nitrous oxide?

The principle good thing about utilizing NOS is it comprises extra oxygen than air, which helps the engine burn extra gas to make energy. Because it’s a easy precept, it turns into very low-cost and straightforward to extend energy rapidly, and importantly it may be turned on and off as and once you want, in contrast to different efficiency enhancers similar to turbos or superchargers.

What are the disadvantages of utilizing nitrous oxide?

Having to refill the bottle is the principle one, though there are extra suppliers and a house supply service now. One other draw back is that nitrous efficiency is temperature and strain dependent so on a really chilly day it received’t work as effectively until you add a bottle heater. Lastly, it’s straightforward to get carried away, which ends up in engine failures (although WON faculty their clients, so as to minimise this threat).

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Do I must improve my gas pump or carbs when putting in NOS?

Consumption methods like carbs usually don’t, as a standard moist package system provides its personal gas. For the gas pump it is advisable know the capability and circulate fee of the pump, however assessments may be finished to point out this and a majority of instances they will cater for many upgrades.

Nitrous oxide myths

Listed below are the highest 5 nitrous oxide myths…

  • Nitrous oxide will blow up your engine

It’s a efficiency enhancer like some other, if it’s not abused with greed and ignoring apparent indicators then it poses no risk.

  • It solely lasts ten seconds

You get extra use than you suppose, however utilizing an enormous jet and small bottle will all the time trigger you to expire rapidly.

  • It makes your engine rev that a lot greater

False. It nonetheless depends on the engine’s authentic ideas and gearing – and easily can’t change them.

  • Your engine will put on out a lot sooner

Most put on occurs on start-up, so utilizing nitrous modifications nothing. It’s solely on for seconds at a time, so it’s comparatively insignificant.

  • Nitrous is flammable, explosive and harmful

It’s not flammable by itself. It’s purely an oxidant and is completely protected to make use of and carry if put in accurately.