December 7, 2022

Are you lazy like us and want a detailing product that does all of it? This ones for you. The Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax cleans and protects paintwork in a single.

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax

Meguiar’s aren’t precisely shy relating to innovation and this new 2-liquid Wash & Wax system is proof of that. What we now have right here is the very newest providing of their Hybrid Ceramic vary, a sophisticated wash and wax with an Si02 increase that produces excessive water beading.

The big chamber of the bottle homes the Hybrid Ceramic Wash that’s blended with slick, low-sudsing surfactants that lightly carry and wash away grime and dirt. The small compartment homes the Hybrid Ceramic Si02 Enhance, this additive takes washing to the following degree and supplies the acute water beading property of the wash.

How does all of it work, properly, it couldn’t be a lot less complicated. First pour 3oz of the wash into your bucket after which fill with water, as soon as that’s accomplished add 0.5oz of the magic Si02 increase and also you’re able to go. Oh, and don’t fear, you don’t must borrow your mum’s measuring jug as they’ve offered a measuring cup – they’ve actually considered every thing with this one.

Pre-rinse your automotive to take away unfastened grime after which use a microfibre wash mitt to use the answer one panel at a time rinsing between every. Dry your car and it’s job accomplished, your paintwork will now be outfitted with excessive water beading safety.


Value: £30 – Wash & Wax

Hybrid Wash Mitt

Once we stated they’ve considered every thing for this one, we weren’t joking! What number of shampoos on the market can boast that they’ve had a wash mitt engineered to enrich the Wash & Wax system itself? Not many, we will inform you. However that’s precisely what this dual-sided Hybrid Wash Mitt from Meguiar’s is all about.

The orange aspect is made up of chenille microfibre and holds onto the suds of the Wash & Wax, whereas the gray aspect has been designed to carry the Si02 increase and unfold it out equally for optimum water beading motion. Intelligent stuff certainly.

Value: £15 – Wash Mitt