March 26, 2023

Need epic bass in a sensible bundle? The Hertz Mille PRO shallow subwoofer field might be precisely what you want…

Keep in mind the times when each Saturday night time cruise could be buzzing with bass, each Saxo and Fiesta round opening up its boot so you could possibly bask within the splendor of their mighty sub enclosures? Nicely, the world’s moved on a bit since then. Certain, we nonetheless love the bass, however these days it’s potential to realize that degree of audio whereas additionally really with the ability to use your boot for different issues.

Hertz Mille PRO shallow subwoofer specs

Behold, the recent Mille PRO shallow subwoofer field from the audio consultants at Hertz. This ultra-shallow sealed enclosure delivers breathtaking low frequency from a field that’s solely 160mm (6.3in) deep. So, you’ve acquired all of the bass you need and you too can get your soccer package or the weekly store in there.

Hertz’s vary of shallow subwoofers all supply this fascinating mixture of high quality and practicality. The subs are optimized to work in ultra-compact sealed packing containers ranging from solely 14-litres for 10-inch fashions (MPS 250) and 22.7-litres for 12-inch fashions (MPS 300). As such they assist you to match a subwoofer enclosure in conditions that don’t supply a lot in the best way of width or top. For instance, underneath the rear bench of a pick-up truck, maybe.

These subwoofers have a depth/efficiency ratio by no means achieved earlier than due to the spectacular cone tour capability which is 20% larger than a standard design. What does this imply? In essence, that regardless of the compact dimensions, there’s no compromise in efficiency. Hertz has neatly designed these intelligent shallow sub enclosures to maximise the audio system’ energy and high quality: the panel-to-panel inside bracing on all sides of the field options strong corners to reduce resonances, whereas the interior sound-absorbing materials nearly will increase the amount of the field and additional damps acoustic resonances. The 15mm wooden thickness offers an incomparable robustness, and with its Plug-&-Play terminal block and conventional push terminals, you get bulletproof connection and quick-release. It’s a super-modern method to old-school frequencies.

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