July 4, 2022

The fabled Lancia Delta Integrale has gone electrical because the namesake is about to make a return to motorsport in 2022, 29 years after its closing WRC works entry.

This isn’t a return to motorsport for Lancia. No, that is the work of French outfit GCK Motorsport. The group has already created a Lancia Delta Evo-e restomod, and with the World Rallycross Championship going all-electric from 2022, the group thought why not enter into the official 2022 FIA season after having a break from competitors in 2021.

Powering the electrical Lancia Delta Integrale would be the Kiesel RX1e powertrain (obligatory for the 2022 season), which encompasses a pair of motors on every axle producing a mixed 680bhp and 649ft lb of torque. That signifies that accleration is stronger than an F1 automobile, clocking a 0-62mph time of below 2 seconds.